Quay People recruitment - Recruitment service in London Docklands

Help and advice for candidates

At Quay People we know that our success depends on the quality, commitment and reliability of our temporary workers, which means we really do want to get to know you as an individual. When you're working as a Quay Temp your contract will be with Quay People, so we will be sharing the ups and downs of each assignment, negotiating with our clients on your behalf and helping you to build your skills and experience.

Your CV

Once you register with us we'll be happy to advise you on the best way to word and present your CV. There is a skill to writing a good temp CV, which may need to explain the longer gaps without necessarily detailing every assignment in detail.

Interview preparation

Some interviews for temporary positions are simple; others can be hard to differentiate from those for permanent jobs. It all depends on the role, the length of the contract and whether the interviewer is actually looking for a temp-to-perm solution.

Don't worry though, we offer pre-interview coaching sessions for every meeting to help you prepare for challenging questions, so that you can go into every interview fully prepared and confident.

The next assignment

Here we go again… another first day. To make the next assignment easier:

  • Make sure you have as much detail from us as possible.
  • Get there on time. Check the location and how to get there.
  • Check the hours of work, and whether overtime is expected of you.
  • Who do you report to? Take the contact details with you.
  • Have all the relevant paperwork, especially tax forms and most importantly timesheets from us.

Training and personal development

When you register with Quay People your skills will be assessed. We also offer tutorials and practice sessions for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other useful software packages to enhance your office skills.

As well as positive encouragement, we can offer advice on how to increase your potential and will work with you to maximise your opportunities and chances of success. We will also work with you to address any specific needs you may have, like personal presentation and telephone skills.


We stay in regular contact with all our Quay Temps, ensuring your details are up to date on our database. We'll record any decisions or actions we agree with you, including any potential jobs and calls made to companies, and will keep you up to date with what is going on. Once you're on assignment, we'll call on the first day to check that both you and your client are happy with the arrangement and to sort out any difficulties that may arise.

In return, we ask you to keep us up to date with your plans and availability; and when you're on assignment, do give us a ring every now and then to let us know how things are going!