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Considering temp work?

Many businesses recognise temporary workers as a sensible option for supplementing their teams at their busiest times or adding specific skills and experience just when it is needed. This often means that temporary workers are considered as much a part of the team as permanent employees, but with all the advantages that temping can offer, as well as the disadvantages of course.

  • Earning more and holiday pay too
    - many temps find they earn at least as much on a variety of assignments as they would in a permanent job; being paid by the hour means that the more you work the more you can earn. In addition, since the introduction of the Working Time Directive temps are now entitled to paid holiday of up to four weeks per year.
  • Flexibility
    - at Quay People we don’t include your holiday pay within your hourly rate, and so if you don’t use any holiday within a particular assignment your holiday pay will be paid to you when it ends. Although it is important that you take your holiday at some point during the course of the year, like many temps you may prefer to wait until you are in-between assignments. And if you want to travel around the world in-between assignments, or work only during term-time, you can!
  • An excellent way to deepen your expertise and broaden your experience
    - whether an assignment uses your skills in a new way, exposes you to a different industry, or builds upon your previous experience, every job offers you the opportunity to add to your CV and increase your personal value.
  • Meet new people
    – a new job can also be a great way to meet new people, some of whom could remain friends long after the assignment has ended. On many assignments you could find that you’re one temp among many, which will give you a ready-made network of like-minded people.
  • Try before you buy
    - a short-term assignment can be an excellent opportunity to try a different job or business sector before committing yourself to the change. Temping allows you to experience a range of approaches and company cultures, which all vary in the way they do thing and how people treat each other.

Temporary assignments also give companies the opportunity to see how someone fits in before deciding whether to offer them a position on a permanent basis. This means that you could even be approached about permanent opportunities that you haven’t considered or even heard about!