Quay People recruitment - Recruitment service in London Docklands

Our Services

Quay People offers a personalised service for the supply of temporary, permanent and contract staff across London. We strongly believe that managing our business based upon a clear understanding of the way our clients operate has been crucial to our success; for example, understanding the educational levels required by different clients, the need for specific dates for references, sourcing particular languages. More importantly, our focus on understanding the unique culture of each client has led to a particularly high success rate for candidate placements.

Temporary and contract staff

Quay People’s typical  process for providing temporary or contract staff is illustrated below:

Temporary or Contract staff process

Candidate recruitment

Our typical ongoing process for recruiting candidates is illustrated below but could be adapted  to meet specific requirements.

Permanenet staff recruitment process

Permanent staff

Quay People offer a menu of services, summarised below. Further detail is available for each item. This approach allows hiring managers to select those services most appropriate to their needs, and enable Quay People to support other HR objectives such as diversity. In addition, this approach offers transparency and clarity within a defined framework, and means hiring managers and budget holders are clearly aware of what is included within every recruitment project.

Recruitment service options - Quay People

Systems and Processes

Quay People provide the monitoring, recording and reporting systems necessary to provide a quality service. In addition to monitoring and reporting data, the system provides an audit trail of activities, so ensuring that actions are completed and identifying who is responsible.
All of Quay People’s candidates are thoroughly screened, interviewed and where appropriate assessed, to ensure we fully understand not just their experience, skills and expectations, but their personality and approach to work.


Quay People believe that quality is the responsibility of all staff, whether working as consultants or within temporary assignments. Our team is trained to understand our clients’ detailed needs, and are made fully aware of all relevant legislation, with support to ensure compliance.  Regular appraisals and on-site training are part of our work ethic, as is an open door policy towards change and innovation.

One demonstration of Quay People’s commitment to quality is our Quality Initiative, which is designed to monitor and continually improve our service.  We ask both clients and candidates to complete our quality documents, which helps us to understand their requirements, to ensure speed of service and accuracy in matching candidates to jobs, to promote efficiency and to ensure overall satisfaction with our service.  Information from temporary candidates also enables us to monitor morale and perceptions, which in turn helps us to retain quality staff. In addition, Quay People is a member of The Recruitment & Employment Confederation, which ensures that we follow The Code of Good Practice for Employment Agencies.  The REC can check we comply with the code ethically, professionally and to the highest standards possible.

Our quality measures also encompass the following guarantees:

  • 4 hour guarantee covering temporary staff - a check is done to make sure all is well on each temp’s first day and we will replace them free of charge if they are not suitable;
  • A sliding rebate of recruitment fees is offered for all permanent placements covering up to 12 weeks of employment.


For more information about our recritment services in the Docklands area, London please contact us.