Quay People recruitment - Recruitment service in London Docklands

Our approach

Quay People offers a personalised service for the supply of temporary, permanent and contract people across London. We strongly believe that managing our business based upon a clear understanding of the way our clients operate has been crucial to our success; for example, understanding the educational levels required by different clients, the need for specific dates for references, sourcing particular languages. More importantly, our focus on understanding the unique culture of each client has led to a particularly high success rate for candidate placements.

Understanding your requirements

Finding someone with the right skills to suit your requirements is simply the beginning. We believe that true success lies in finding a good personal fit between people, and as such place our emphasis on understanding your organisation, needs, people and way of working.

A tailored recruitment service

Quay People’s service is structured to allow the selection of options according to the individual requirements of each role. This means:

Flexibility to select the services required or most appropriate to each job, enabling Quay People  to work with you and other suppliers as required;

A clear, structured approach which ensures an accurate understanding of requirements and how they will be delivered;

Defined processes designed to ensure timely responses, minimal repetition, and to minimise errors;

A dedicated lead consultant to ensure consistency and continuity across your business.

Effective people, efficient systems,

Quay People deliver an independent recruitment service based on a shared vision and values, proven to deliver a ‘human approach’ whilst optimising the use of technology for security and efficiency:

  • Specialist software enhances effective processes and enables every client project to be securely ‘ring fenced’
  • A team culture that ensures clients and candidates alike benefit from our ‘human’ approach which is:

- Flexible and individual

- Straightforward and concise

- Personalised, friendly and appropriate

- Consistently professional

  • A culture and style that values candidates, clients and staff alike so ensuring the ongoing implementation of policies such as Health & Safety, Diversity, Ethics etc.

Fundamentally, Quay People perceive recruitment as a two-way process that is about finding the right people for each role and ensuring that that role is right for them.


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