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Satellite Recruitment Consultants

Quay People has recruited a number of satellite consultants to expand the local base and range of specialities for clients and candidates in line with the brand offer. If you are an enthusiastic recruitment professional considering your own business, why not give us a call to explore how we can work together?

As an experienced mentor, Quay People’s Managing Director has long recognised and supported enthusiastic recruitment professionals keen to develop their own business. As a result we have a keen awareness of the barriers to entry for start-ups.  This awareness, together with the company’s ambitions for growth, lead to the concept of satellites:

Satellite consultants operate as independent businesses, generating income through the placement of candidates; however, central services will be supplied through Quay People and charged on a per candidate basis, enabling new start-ups to avoid the investment in essential support services and generating income for Quay Services. In addition, Quay People provide additional chargeable services to each satellite, offering the benefits of an established recruitment consultancy to complementary, independent recruitment consultants.

Satellite consultants benefit from:

  • The Quay People banner, operating under the company’s established brand and reputation;
  • Mentoring and support by Quay People’s Managing Director ;
  • Core support services provided by Quay Services, and charged according to use.

In return, each satellite is required to:

  • Commit to the company’s vision, values and positioning;
  • Confirm their good standing (based upon the UK Government’s Public Contracts Regulations 2006);
  • Demonstrate compliance with Quay People’s policies, procedures and behavioural standards as detailed in the Satellite’s Handbook.