Quay People recruitment - Recruitment service in London Docklands

Quality Standards - Diversity

In 2008 Quay People received REC’s certificate for Diversity Assured Recruitment

This certification requires external verification and confirms that Quay People adopt good practice around equality and diversity both in their own recruitment in how they recruit for their clients. Quay People’s pro-active approach is illustrated by the assessor’s report:

“Quay people, although relatively small in size, has demonstrated throughout this audit a commitment to diversity and the equality agenda more befitting a much larger organisation. The underpinning ethos of the D.A.R. award is something that Janette and her team have incorporated into the way business is done at Quay People; in short, they have been able to translate theory into practice and clear policy, ensuring that their business reflects ‘joined up thinking’.”

Jo-Ann Golding
Diversity Assured Recruitment Accreditation, Support and Audit Manager

Our candidates

With our wide range of clients it is essential that we have an equally varied database of candidates, as can be seen from the charts below:

Date of births pie chart Nationallity pie chart
Age range Nationality
EU Linguists pie chart Gender pie chart
EU Linguists Gender
Linguistics pie chart
Linguistic roles

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