Quay People recruitment - Recruitment service in London Docklands

Our approach

Quay People is a recruitment consultancy based in Docklands, London that specialises in providing skilled administrative support for candidates seeking jobs and for clients seeking temporary, contract and permanent support staff.

Our understanding of the way our clients operate has been crucial to our success. This includes the educational levels required by different clients, the need for specific dates for references, and sourcing particular languages. More importantly, our focus on understanding the unique culture of each client has led to a particularly high success rate for candidate placements.

At Quay People we depend on our people, and in return we offer a high level of involvement, support, commitment and personal development. The result is a culture that enables us to build the strong relationships upon which our success depends.

Our standards are:

  • Professional - we can and do deliver; we are exacting, pro-active and objective
  • Personable - we are friendly, positive and optimistic
  • Genuine - we are straightforward, loyal and work as a team

This means that you should experience an approach that is:

  • Flexible and individual
  • Straightforward and concise, but never curt or abrupt
  • Not bureaucratic, unless necessary and explained, with no jargon
  • Personalised, friendly and appropriate
  • Consistently professional

What makes us different?

An analysis of office support recruitment consultancies suggests that they can be differentiated by two factors: their priorities in terms of quality of personal service versus quantity of candidates and clients; and the roles they source and supply in terms of differentiating generalists from specialists.

Unlike the majority of established recruitment consultancies, Quay People is firmly positioned as a customer focused team - small enough to take a personalised approach, yet large enough to offer clients and candidates in London Docklands and surrounding areas the jobs and people most appropriate to their needs.